9 Replies to “Sweden 2-3 England (Euro 2012)”

  1. In all fairness I think that Scott Parker is mediocre like alot of´╗┐ players in the england side but he does put 100& in ­čśÇ

  2. good result Ukraine in the last game is going to be tough tho they are fighting to stay in the tournament in my opinion its important we score first after watching Ukraine play France once France scored Ukraine folded as they had no plan B once´╗┐ plan A failed and form then on it was easy for France i feel we have enough strength to do a similar job to Ukraine as France did .

  3. Neuer and Casillas are better than Hart.
    the best left back in the world is Lahm´╗┐ by a mile.
    Kompany, Thiago Silva, Hummels, Pique are better than Terry.

    I also disagree with what you said about Parker. He’s very important.
    Milner definately not as good as the Ox or Walcott.

  4. Milner reall is shocking bring walcott on Chamberlon can be the super sub, and i think´╗┐ he should actually play rooney over carroll

  5. If we meet Spain in the quarters Carroll is a must to start as with his height he will terrorized there defence. If we meet Italy we should probably start Welbeck & Rooney upfront as there defence is´╗┐ quite slow.

  6. I had forgot about Richards but yes i agree he is a better player. We have to agree to disagree on Hart & Parker. Rooney i would leave out for now. England have a good chance based on great keeper really good back 4 & attack which will score at least a goal´╗┐ a game. Midfield is the problem. I might be tempted to play Rooney there with Welbeck and Carroll up front. Milner i would’nt give a packet of crisps for.

  7. Good Video although I do disagree with some of your points. I still feel Parker is vital to the team as he has great work ethic, can win the ball & I believe has good distribution. While Johnson played good in that Match his paced saved him a couple of times and I still feel Richards is miles better than him. Joe Hart is a great keeper and have loads of´╗┐ potential but I feel that Casillas is still ahead of him. I’m unsure whether we should start Rooney or not because he has been poor in

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