25 Replies to “Transfer Talk #20 – Welbeck To Arsenal, Blind DONE DEAL! #MUFC #DeadlineDay”

  1. Hernandez, Shinji, and Welbz :-(. Three crowd favourites gone so quickly.

  2. A player who truly loved the club and honored the badge for 16
    years…thinking about what might have been, had dat guy been given time to
    develop and grow as a footballer. Talent and passion in abundance…I’m
    just lost for words and downright gutted beyond measure

  3. I’m gutted we didn’t get rid of Cleverley and Young as well. Average
    players who will never be world class. 

  4. I’m a gooner and I’m really happy with the Danny welbeck signing. He’s
    quick, good technically, works hard got the team, and can score goals when
    played in his position. Arsenal fans so stupid laughing at this signing. He
    will come good he’s got everything to become a great! Well done on the
    falcao deal!

  5. Adam said that Welbeck ‘got over double figures last season in the PL’..
    That means triple figures which is 100+. He means get into double figures.
    No problem for clearing that one up, I know everyone was very confused

  6. I’m absolutely gutted. In a way it always felt like if Danny could make it,
    anyone could make it. Now we have no one from our academy in our first team
    except for cleverly. I’m just gutted. The only hope I have now is that we
    have a buy back clause in the contract because I know Welbeck is gonna be
    amazing at arsenal. Why couldn’t he just go out on loan :(

  7. dont mind that hes gone tbh, he wanted to play upfront and in the grand
    scheme of things he would not help us if he played there. We need goals and
    he wouldnt provide them. Could be good elsewhere but then hes unhappy and
    we wouldn’t want that.

  8. This video is great. The joy of seeing a united fan upset that one of their
    local lads have left for Arsenal has to be up there with the Sanchez buy.
    Now we have one over you with Van Persie.. but Welback imo is a better bit
    of business since we have his best years to come. 

  9. Genuinely heart broken. No way around it. My favourite player gone to a
    club I hate

  10. We should of kept Welbz and made Arsenal squirm, even so 16 million we will
    take that Arsenal got fleeced. Love it!!

  11. bit soulless at united now. moyes said you strive to be city. well done on
    this. club for me is tarnished. 

  12. I served Danny 3 times at Nandos in town and we were probably on first name
    basis. Gutted to see him go. Will easily become Arsenal’s top scorer.

  13. If Welbeck wasn’t from Manchester no one would care, more gutted about
    Shinji but both had to go. 

  14. Welbeck had chance after chance at united! His technical ability wasn’t the
    best, his goalscoring was 1 in 5 and I can see him improving but not until
    he’s at least 29/30! I’m happy to see Welbs move on, despite the fact he’s
    a Manchester lad, it takes more than that to be a MUFC player!

    Secondly, why apologise to the Glazers? If they would of reinvested in the
    sqaud 5 years ago, we would never of missed CL football and we would never
    of finished 7th…(even under Moyes) This lack of reinvestment has
    backfired and now we’ve had to panic buy with last minute deals – not that
    they was bad last minute deals but we’re Man United…business should of
    been done months ago! Let’s just hope they learn from their mistake and
    realise that you can’t take take take from the club and not put anything
    back. We don’t have Fergie anymore so we can’t expect miricles! 

  15. I hate Woodward. Losing danny 🙁 keeping cleverly because he wanted money.
    Loser! Falcao still not confirmed because we are fucking about again, same
    shit last year, we agreed this deal 14 hours ago why is it not done. If you
    sent Woodward the shop for a loaf, he would return a week later with a
    hangover . He couldn’t run a bath completely useless 

  16. VERSATILE!!!??? He has only played two positions in his life, striking and
    the wing. His finishing and goal scoring rate to be a striker is terrible,
    and then he’s put on the wing and he plays even worse. Then he cry’s about
    only wanting to play in the striking role or he will leave. Can you please
    point out to me the versatility of this donkey!

  17. Danny had enough time to prove himself…which in my opinion failed to do.
    Last year instead of fighting for his place he started grumbling and
    talking about a move away from old trafford. clearly LVG also didn’t see
    him fit for the red shirt…so he’s better off.

  18. Kinda sad to see Dat Guy go but some times you gotta upgrade, and El Tigre
    is a major upgrade, at least on paper. Funny how the Arsenal fans did a 180
    on their opinion of Welbz after they found out they were getting him. Good
    luck to him.

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