Danny Welbeck wants Alex Oxlade Chamberlain to Play in Midfield

Danny Welbeck is of the opinion that Alex Oxlade Chamberlain should be positioned in the heart of the midfield because that’s the spot from where he shows his full range as a player.

Oxlade-Chamberlain had joined Arsenal before Welbeck and while the latter is already an established member of the Gunners’ squad, the former has failed to cement his place in the starting XI.

Oxlade-Chamberlain has had the opportunity to play in different positions, but, at neither of the positions has he done enough to encourage Arsene Wenger to persist with him for long.

However featuring for the Three Lions recently as the central playmaker versus the Les Blues, Oxlade-Chamberlain put on a good show despite his team slumping to a loss.

In Welbeck’s opinion, the reason why Oxlade-Chamberlain is so effective in the heart of the midfield is his pace. Once he manages to have the ball at his feet and he runs ahead of an opposition player, it’s almost impossible for that player to chase him down thereafter. So in that regard, he is fantastic, but, that’s not the only ability he has. He also has the ability to understand when to pass the ball and if someone has both these abilities, he is the right man to take charge of the midfield.

Oxlade-Chamberlain himself also had hinted in an interview a few days ago that he finds the midfield position more comfortable than any other position on the pitch, but, he had made it very clear that he is not obsessed with the midfield position and he has no problem in being slotted at other positions either. He is ready to be positioned to the wings or even in the defensive line somewhere if that’s what is needed for the team balance.

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