25 Replies to “Steven elbows Danny”

  1. Don’t be puffs. I, for one, am glad this type of behavior is still prevalent in football. There will be a day, mark my words, when football is entirely inundated by soft challenges and trigger-happy refs. It won’t be long before all physical contact is met with swift punishment and fines. So give me back the Roy Keanes of the world.

  2. @kingdomsam37 “if you knew anything about football” mate im pretty sure i know more about football than you. They were simply outclassed (4-0). you cant say Gerrard was shit, he put in a world class performance. If YOU knew anything, you would know this. Zidane noticed his talent, as well as others. If he is a “fat” scouse and gets “dodgy decisions” why the fuck does Mourinho (who hates us [liverpool]) want him? why did chelsea want him? u fucking bellend

  3. @EZdrifter21 Because it sounds better if Zidane’s old club, Real Madrid, were torn apart by ‘one of the best players in the world’, rather than some fat scouse who gets dodgey decisions of refs. If you knew anything about football and RM, you’d know how much they use propaganda

  4. he kisses the badge on the chest, then put in a transfer request!
    steve gerrard gerrard. you scouse bastard!

  5. @MisterHockey so why did Zidane say he is “one of the best players in the world?”

  6. why does this come up when i search for cattermole, even more interesting, why am i searching for cattermole lol.

  7. @MisterHockey not as bad as terry who likes to sleep with his team mates wife and ferdinand that plays every once in a blue moon though is he.

  8. It’s nice to know that the upcoming generation of football players have good role models!

  9. @MisterHockey i diasagree 100%, terry is a fucking joke of a captain and so is ferdinand

  10. If this was barton or rooney then we’d still be hearing about this for the next six months!!

  11. he was concentrating that hard on elbowing welbeck he missed the ball….dirty scouse git!

  12. @MisterHockey The easiest thing you can do is find mistakes someone makes. Instead of sitting in your armchair why dont you try to be England’s captain?

  13. @MisterHockey u fuking retard cunt u obviesly dont no shit about football gerrard is a legend 4 england and liverpool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. @MisterHockey u fuking retard cunt u obviesly dont no shit about football gerrard is a legend 4 england and liverpool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. @SnowInTheSun I think that’s cheating in football !! Gerrard is nothing anymore and resorts to cheating like this to get the ball off fucking DANNY WELBECK !!!!!

  16. Best midfielder the Prem has seen for 10 years. These bitter people are so full of jealousy and likely only have these opinions to justify their support for a club they likely have no connection to. We love ya Stevie!

  17. the fact that your name is ‘misterhockey’ says a lot about how credible your footballing opinion is.

  18. @MisterHockey well thats the most stupid comment ever. You think Ferdinand is a better captain than Gerrard? Over-rated? riiiiight…

  19. @liverbird66
    Not sour at all and don’t hate Steven Gerrard. Just stating a fact.
    He is the worst England captain i’ve ever seen in my 31 years and by soiling the game i mean his diving, elbows and late challenges all of which are well documented.
    I will say he is a very good player but definitely not a “great” player or a “legend”. Such words should be reserved IMO for far better players.
    The media are so fast to over-rate players and lebel them great these days.

  20. @MisterHockey your a very sour man, blinded by hate! I feel sorry for you

  21. Yeah no wonder..Cause the pair of you and Ferguson clearly suffer from cataract.

  22. Everyone makes a fuss about Rooney, I don’t remember much about this. Alex Ferguson is right.

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