16 Replies to “Danny Welbeck Hat-Trick for Arsenal against Galatasaray | HD 720”

  1. You’re welcome Arsenal lol at least he didn’t go to a scumbag club like
    City or Chelsea

  2. さっき川島の投稿をしたら、香川のGIF画面と重なって目が痛い(><)




  3. To be fair its great movement. I think he will thrive at Arsenal. Wenger
    is playing him in the right position too. 

  4. Shocking Defense? sorry but the understanding between the players led to
    good passes and he still had to finish which he did in a world class style.

  5. Van Gaal fucked up selling him,you dont sell the guys that are from
    manchster they no what it means to play for us,but on the other hand im
    pleased for him good luck welbeck it’s only good for england you banging in
    goals and off course summink arsenal have lacked is a top goal scorer now
    you have one,and he is way better than giroud i think he,welbeck is rapid
    as well.

  6. crappy defending is more like it. the second goal I mean come on they
    literally gave it to welbeck…

  7. Third goal was a great finish. As a United fan though, not too bothered
    he’s left. 

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