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  1. What’s the name if the second song?
    The written in the stars one =)

  2. I think that Tunnicliffe will get the first chance out of our young reserves, and i think that him, pogba and morrison will become a better 3-man midfield than the one barça has.

  3. @Lorenshyne Im sorry Petrucci got a bad injury not Uniteds fault he is back now and looks as good as ever… Chelsea best youth?….. United just trashed them in the semi-finals second leg 4-0 at OT. Winning 5-3 overall. Ryan Tunnicliffe and Pogba completely bossed Mceachran out of the game.

  4. @elGennel Liverpool has the most promising youth? You are clueless. They have Raheem Sterling and thats it. Liverpool did not play and own youth player in like 10 years, they are catastrophic. A real talent dont wanna go there.
    United are not active on the youth market, they only think abouth players in the UK, and when they have a big talent like Macheda or Petrucci they mess them up.
    McEachran – lol what does it mean? I would say after Arsenal, Chelsea has the best youth. Chalobah – icon.

  5. @Lorenshyne Usually, I don’t bother likes of you, but I had to…
    First: You know nothing about football (just from playing FM), if you prefer buying players instead of developing own youth. What’s better than winning with “own product”?
    Second: By now, United and (hate to say) Liverpool has the most promising youths. (some years ahead).
    Arsenal: great academy, will struggle with the “GB-player”-kvota. Chelski: just not good enough. They’ll spend big this summer, but after that? McEacran? LOL!

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  7. @Lorenshyne McEachran new Zidane lo lol lol lol. How the fuck can you make assumptions like that at this stage…. Havent seen Chelsea produce Beckhams, Scholes’s, Giggs and Nevilles yet…. Ronaldo was signed as a youngster. Mate you know fuck all. Great you have McEachran and he looks a really good prospect,…. that doesnt make him the next Zidane. Arsenal have a great academy I agree. Arsenal and Barcelona have the best academy’s in the world. United are up there amongst the top.

  8. next season, united are gunna run away with the new boys or theyl crumble under the pressure of first team football, i hope they own 😀

  9. @Lorenshyne yeah chelsea are just overflowing with top young talent arent they, other than josh mceachran who is clearly over rated cos he hasnt even got a peak in this year with all chelseas troubles, and what happened to kakuta? chelsea don’t know how to raise young players and now that abramovich has got bored again they wont get a look in he wants to go buy the title back.

  10. แมนยู สุโค่ย . . .

    I Love Manchester United So good !!!

  11. Davide Petrucci is back from injury, and he looks even better than he did when he got his injury. I seriously cant believe how over-rated McEachran is, the same happened with Kakuta, and look at him now? He can’t get a place on the bench for Fulham!

  12. No club can compare with the history or the future of youth talents at Manchester United. Ravel Morrison, Paul Pogba, Ryan Tunnicliffe, Josh King, Oliver Gill, Welbeck, Macheda, Smalling and (next totti) Davide Petrucci.

  13. @Lorenshyne I know you may read a lot of fairytales my friend but “Look at his eyes. He is a young gangster” is the most idiotic sentence I’ll hear today. What can eyes tell you?? … and as far as Man u not having the youngsters that Chelsea and Arsenal have, United just beat Arsenals FIRST TEAM with “Youngsters”. so please tell me what talent Chelsea and Arsenal have that United (Premier League Leaders) are struggling to keep up with !!

  14. @Lorenshyne chelsea ??? the best youngsterr ???? i think i might vommit hearing that statement LOLOLOL .. you have such sense of humour …. the only kid from chelsea i know that is famous is that kid who got shot by ashley cole hahahahah !!!!!!!

  15. @MrRyandunny smallings is better than any arsenal defender? so is that what you think eh? well what about koscielny and djourou…..oh wait…

    Manu ftw 🙂

  16. @Lorenshyne damn troll, if only you can f off all people would be happy. hernandez is good and arsenal only has wilshere and ramsey(who is injured) and chelsea is straight shit.

  17. @Lorenshyne Petrucci is injured and Cleverley is better than McEachran.

  18. @Lorenshyne your obviously a chelsea fan l know it may hurt you but look into what you are saying about utds youth because you really have no idea of whats coming through,and players like welbeck,macheda,amos,james,ajose,cleverley have gone on loan to help their development,white collar workers? like,van velzen,pogba,da silvas,morrison,ajose,coffie,reece brown,smalling,king,and many more just like players like cole,york,ince,evra,ferdinand,valencia,nani,anderson……………..

  19. @Lorenshyne utd dont sign up coming players from abroad?,i am english and if you look into man utds academy and reserves you will know utd do bring in young players from abroad.was ronaldo not a foreign up coming star?,how many players in the league even if they have not made it utd have gone onto have caeers?i could name you fifty players and the most heralded player since gasgoigne is ravel morrison,in 2 yrs time we will see how many players are coming through at utd compared to chelsea

  20. @Lorenshyne They don’t sign up and coming stars?….. Da Silva, Pogba, Hernandez, Smalling, all signed in the last couple of years… and you need to sign English talent…. there a fucking english club.

    I’m sorry but besides Kakuta I’ve not heard of any of these stars…. Oh and if Chelsea have such great youth system then why the fuck have spent 70+ million in the last transfer market.

  21. @123johnrooney Chelsea and aRsenal bring in the best in the world. If u are English u should no this. While Sir Alex and ManU are stuck with the Fergie Fludges and they only thnk about players whom they can find in their own backyard. They dont sign up and coming stars the last were the Twins or maybe Pogba is a big name the others are white english blue collar workers.
    Chelsea: Bruma, Kakuta, Borini, Pappoe. And the most heralded player since Gasgoigne: Chalobah. At 15 was in the reserves.

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