1. If Man Utd finish top 4 it surely must be the biggest fluke in football.
    They are fucking shit

  2. Dive Maria. The bastard escaped punishment for diving against us, but since
    the referee of this match was actually DECENT, he couldn’t get away with it
    this time… 


    Can’t stop smiling!!!

  4. LOL united fans saying Arsenal didn’t deserve to win. LOL their joke club
    got lucky not to concede more.

  5. You didn’t mention the little shit Januzaj, for diving in box when he was 2
    yards clear of Monreal, more bookings for diving than he has goals

  6. The referee had one of the best performances I’ve seen all season. Some of
    the calls he had to make at old Trafford took bollocks

  7. It’s a shame Arsenal won. They clearly didn’t deserve it. Can’t believe
    Liverpool won the FA Cup. 

  8. First time Ive seen Ozil put in a fucking shift.

    Well played Ozil
    Well played Arsenal

    Totally deserved.


  9. It’s sad that he tries to have a laugh he feels like he has to apologise so
    people don’t go ape shit on him when he makes a joke some people just can’t
    take one 

  10. WHERE IS ANDY TATE!!!!???
    Shittest man u team I’ve seen ever.
    Bossed them all game.
    Took the piss out of em.
    Even ozil looked amazing.
    Where’s all the utd fans who were saying we going to lose?
    Oh gone missing as always.
    And anyone wanna tell me why roy keane was Sucking off utd as a pundit?

  11. van Gaal is a joke. Doesn’t matter if we are trying to get top 4 or trying
    to win the league. Hoofing the ball to Fellaini should never EVER be a
    tactic that MANCHESTER UNITED use, let alone use so often and almost in
    every game they’ve played recently. I would rather we didn’t make top 4 and
    actually played promising football that we could improve on and become
    world class in a few years rather than get to the Champions League playing
    like Sunderland only to be knocked out in the group stages and then be
    trying to finish 4th again next season. Fact of the matter is that most Man
    Utd fans will go along with anything the media sheds light on. If van Gaal
    is made to look like the world’s best manager they will believe it. If he
    is made to look a horrible one, they will believe it. van Gaal has won
    trophies at the other clubs he’s been at, sure enough. Let’s take a look at
    those clubs. Bayern (at the time a 1 team league, now a 2 team one), Barca
    (2 team league), Ajax (1 team league), etc. He only got 3rd in the WC
    because Brazil fell apart and Italy didn’t make it past the group stage.
    They would have been beaten by France even. In fact, they were. 5th March
    2014 they lost to France 2-0. LvG needs to fix up his tactics and get rid
    of some of the shit players we’ve got. Defence is horrid, I don’t think
    Blind is the right player that fits our needs. Young is only good on his
    day. Fellaini can walk out the door along with the long ball tactics. Mata
    does not suit our style of play. Valencia is not a right back. I can go on
    but I think I’ve conveyed my point well enough by this stage.

  12. Spot on mate. We are now out of all the cups even after spending 150
    million. Van Gaal is the biggest fraud I have seen in my life. It has taken
    Man United fans this long to realize he is an arrogant b*stard. Well some
    united fans knew that already. Some united fans were just retarded fucks.
    If we don’t get top 4 this season then i don’t see why he shouldn’t be

  13. United fans we’re chanting “We sold you because you’re shit” how do they
    deserve respect for that? 

  14. You didn’t mention that united were playing better tonight than they’ve
    been playing recently. At half time we were slightly the better team. After
    the break it was end to end stuff but then a mistake from valencia was the
    reason welbeck scored. Then we went long ball but I aint happy to see this
    long ball football. Chamberlain shouldn’t be allowed to go though blind,
    smalling, rojo, like that so that was bad defending. As a united fan I’d
    say arsenal deserved the win but you didn’t play as good as you played
    against City. If we played outstanding we would have won but we made too
    many mistakes that were punished and I have to give arsenal credit for

  15. United were the better team in my opinion. But they threw it away with
    absolutely shocking defending, which is understandable because their
    defence is proper shite and without De Gea… well who knows, Di Maria
    played decent (better than he has been) great cross for Rooney and a great
    header. but his dive was shocking and you can’t grab the ref like that so
    deserved red card, United threw it away. 

  16. Why is Fellaini nowdays in the starting eleven more than Mata or Falcao?
    Seriously. Let Fellaini work his magic. His headers were crap this game and
    pretty much every game.

  17. Van Gaal should blame himself for the defeat. His substitutions and
    tactical changes cost us the game. We were 1-1 at halftime and arguably the
    better team going into the break then come 2nd half he takes off Herrera
    and brings in 2 defensive minded players in Carrick and Jones. We never
    looked the same once Herrera came off. We couldn’t get a foothold in our
    passing / possession style of play. What was the reason for those defensive
    minded tactical changes? We are playing at Old Trafford for crying out loud
    and attacking football should be the first thing we do. And bringing on
    Januzaj when we are 2-1 down and in desperate need of a goal instead of
    Falcao and play with 2 strikers? 

  18. When was the last time Arsenal won at OT? Great game for them and great
    goal for Welbeck.

  19. Everyone can agree that if Liverpool wins the replay they’ll win the FA cup
    right? The lower league teams are a nice story but just a story. And
    Arsenal weren’t impressive tonight, Liverpool will that defense apart. 

  20. United weren’t good at all but what’s with Arsenal fans thinking they
    deserved the win that much lol, 2 gifted goals because of Valencias
    shocking defending, how delusional smh

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