Arsenal Fans and Manager concerned after many Players getting Injured

Injuries, this is probably one of the words that Arsenal fans and Arsene Wenger have grown accustomed to hearing in the past few seasons as more and more players get injured for a significantly long period of time and there is no break as when one player gets fully recovered there is always another one who gets injured and the cycle is never-ending.

MikelArteta and Mathieu Debuchy are some of the players which will not be able to play at least for the upcoming 2 months due to physical problems

Danny Welbeck has not played a match for Arsenal since December 28 when the team of Arsene Wenger claimed a 2-1 victory over West Ham United.

The race for the top spot of the Premier League is as tight as ever with only a few points being the difference between the 4th spot and the 7th. Arsene Wenger is eager to see some of his most important players of the team getting back in form and recovered, one of those players is Danny Welbeck and Arsene Wenger has already stated that the English forward will definitely be ready to play in Arsenal’s upcoming Premier League match against Tottenham Hotspur which is going to take place on February 7 at the White Hart Lane.

Arsene Wenger and his squad has managed to deal fairly well with the absence of Danny Welbeck as Arsenal has claimed victories over: Stoke City, Hull City, Manchester City and Brighton but his return to the pitch is great news for the French manager as this opens up the possibility for him to change formations or between players if he decides to.

When Wenger was asked about the condition of Danny Welbeck, the experienced manager replied by saying: “He is very close. He is really, really, really nearly there. He will be available for the Tottenham game.”

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